JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The Johns Creek City Council postponed suspending the alcohol license for Bliss Lounge on May 6.

Under Johns Creek’s alcohol license ordinances, in order to sell alcohol for consumption on premises, a restaurant must have at least 50 percent of its total food and beverage sales come from food and nonalcoholic beverages.

The ordinance was written to allow restaurants to sell alcohol but to prevent bars and clubs within city limits, Mayor Mike Bodker said.

From August to December 2018, food and nonalcoholic beverage made up about 35 percent of Bliss’s sales, well under the 50 percent mark.

Bliss did not dispute the sales numbers. The issue, a representative from Bliss said, was that for the first five years of the establishments operation it was classified as a lounge.

In Johns Creek’s code a lounge is defined as separate room part of a restaurant or hotel, not an independent establishment. A lounge is still subject to certain sale requirements, depending on whether it is part of a restaurant or hotel.

Ultimately, the council decided to table a final decision on whether to suspend the license. They are scheduled to reconsider the item at their May 20 meeting.

“It looks like new information was conveyed to Bliss this evening,” Bodker said. “If the council wants to consider just taking this under advisement it would give Bliss an opportunity to come back with potentially a plan, which the council could consider in their further deliberation.”

The vote was 6-1 with Councilwoman Stephanie Endres opposing.

In other business, the council approved two contracts to provide environmental services. Autrey Mill Nature Preserve was awarded $15,000 to provide annual stream clean up, Adopt-a-Stream and education programs in a unanimous vote.

Keep North Fulton Beautiful was awarded $89,200 to l for Adopt-a-Road, Bring One for the Chipper, bulky recycling event and household hazardous wasted disposal. That vote was 6-1 with Endres opposing.

Keep North Fulton Beautiful’s contract was previously terminated for the organization’s perceived involvement in a City Council campaign. New language was added to the contracts to prohibit any participation in a political campaign. 

The council also discussed Medlock Bridge Road. The Public Works Department is studying widening the road to three lanes just north of the intersection with State Bridge Road.

April 23, the department held a public input meeting where three options for tapering the road back to two lanes north of the intersection were presented. Some residents were unhappy with all three options, notably the St Ives Home Owners Association Board of Directors.

A letter from the board said the intersection improvements were essentially a “gateway” to widening Medlock Bridge. Widening Medlock from four to six lanes from the Chattahoochee River to McGinnis Ferry was identified as a Tier 1 TSPLOST project, but with a lack of council support, there has been little movement on the project.

Council asked the public works department to consider a fourth option, which would narrow Medlock Bridge to two lanes even closer to the intersection. Public works said it had not previously considered this option because it would require closing one of the driveways to the Publix shopping center.

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