JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Election Day is over, but Johns Creek residents still don’t know what their City Council will look like next year. All three races on the ballot are now headed for a runoff.

In Georgia, if no candidate receives a majority of the vote there is a runoff between the two highest vote earners. With two three-way races and one four-way race it was unlikely residents could have avoided a run-off entirely this season.

Councilman Chris Coughlin, the only incumbent in the race, came the closest to an all-out win, taking 47.2 percent of the votes in the Post 4 race. In the runoff, he will face former Johns Creek Community Association President Marybeth Cooper, who earned 19.1 percent of the vote.

Adam Thomas was not far behind with 18.3 percent, and Kent Altom took 14.9 percent. 

It remains to be seen whether Cooper can make up the 30-point margin between her and victory by consolidating Thomas and Altom’s support. All three criticized the current City Council as a key part of their campaigns.

While the new faces condemned the council for infighting and slow action on TSPLOST and a Town Center, Coughlin focused on what he did manage to accomplish during his initial term, and he would only need to peel away about 3 percent of the vote to hold onto his seat.

For Post 2, the seat that will be vacated by Councilman Jay Lin at the end of the year, retired Police Major Brian Weaver received the most votes, 45.6 percent. In the runoff, he will face Dilip Tunki, who earned 30.3 percent of the vote.

Royce Reinecke finished third with 23.8 percent of the vote.

For Post 6, the seat being vacated by Councilman Steve Broadbent, the race was closer. Erin Elwood was the highest vote-earner, with 38.1 percent of the final tally. The other runoff candidate will be Issure Yang, who took 31.9 percent, beating out Judy LeFave, who earned 29.3 percent.

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