As a small business owner, have you documented all of your major processes? Having definable, repeatable and measurable processes in your business is a proven way to improve the efficiency of your operations. And when you improve efficiency, you are bound to improve the effectiveness of your business.

Most small businesses have not taken the time to document their processes. This includes the specific steps and procedures to execute all aspects of running your business, serving your customers, managing your finances, reporting requirements, and any other tasks or activities people in your business perform. These are often referred to as standard operating procedures.  

Developing a process map for your small business can provide some significant benefits in improving your operational efficiency. A process map aligns each of your procedures associated with all of your processes to the people who are responsible for executing them. It essentially becomes a “road map” for running your business.

Process improvement initiatives can be implemented to streamline procedures either by reducing the number of steps involved, reducing the number for people involved or leveraging technology to execute the process quicker. The boost you will receive from operating more efficiently will also produce a more effective operations, which in turn will lead to increased profitability. A process map is a great way to simplify your operations and deliver better bottom-line results in your small business.

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