Do you have a training program for your employees? When someone joins your company, do they go through a formal training program to become familiar with your standard operating procedures? Most small businesses owners do not leverage the value of training their employees and subsequently sub-optimize the contributions they can make to their business. 

There are many categories of training that you can provide your employees to make sure they are effective and efficient in what they do. Documenting an overall training program should start with your key business objectives and include the skills your employees need to have to carry out their work. Having an overall training plan will allow you to facilitate scheduling and conducting training sessions and ensure that everyone is taking advantage of them.

Employee training should include two areas. The first is teaching everyone about your processes, and how you get things done. Reviewing your standard operating procedures will ensure everyone is on the same page. Second, providing employees with skills training will help them to be more effective in what they do. 

There are many different ways to deliver training. Determining the right mix of training and the most economical way to deliver it is an important thing to consider when developing an overall training program. It also may be better to hire an outside organization for some training and facilitate other sessions internally.  

Developing an overall training program for your employees can make a big difference in helping you achieve your business objectives. Training your employees will also have a significant and positive impact on your company’s success.

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