As we head into a new year, most small business owners set high goals to grow their business. Hopefully, they have done meticulous planning to make 2019 a banner year. Execution of the plan is important to achieve the intended results, but second-guessing yourself after rolling out a plan for the new year is a recipe for disaster.

Here are some simple ways to stay the course on what you’ve planned for the new year.  

Number one, don’t change your plan until you have actually executed it. If something goes wrong early in the year, it doesn’t mean your plan is bad. It may be related to factors you couldn’t control or didn’t anticipate.

To eliminate second-guessing yourself, trust that you’ve done your homework and have put together a good plan to successfully grow your small business. Not all things happen overnight, so if you are experiencing less than planned results, don’t freak out. 

Go easy on yourself. The worst enemy for a small business owner is yourself! Recognize that you’ve got a lot of experience and expertise, and that your planning has put you in a position for success in the new year. Just because something negative happens early in the year doesn’t mean you have to change your strategy, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you should be second-guessing yourself.

Be comfortable with mistakes, as they are going to happen all the time. Remember the past results you have achieved and stay the course with what you’ve planned for this year. Don’t second-guess yourself!

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