Are your customers happy with the products you sell or the services you provide? Do you reach out to your customers on a regular basis to find out how satisfied they are? While it goes without saying, a satisfied customer will buy more than one who is not. Knowing how satisfied your customers are, and striving to improve their level of satisfaction, will help you grow your small business.

Understanding how satisfied your customers are can be done in many ways, both formally and informally. A formal approach typically will involve a customer satisfaction survey. There are many automated survey systems that can be used to streamline the survey process and capture customer feedback. Informal techniques, such as asking for feedback after a purchase is made or a service is provided, will also provide you with good information.

Correlation analysis from a formal survey can be used to determine how much a very satisfied customer will buy verses an unsatisfied customer. It will also help you to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience so that more of your customers will be satisfied.

Knowing how satisfied your customers are is the first step in identifying opportunities to improve your customer service. Satisfied customers buy more and recommend your small business to others – all of which will lead to increased sales and growth for your small business. 

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