Is your small business growing as fast as you would like? Successful small businesses continually look at the challenges they face and develop plans to address each of them. The key is to understand where to focus your attention.

Planning is at the top of the list in addressing the challenges you face. Plans that were developed years ago and have been successful may not be optimal in the current environment. Market conditions change quickly, and your plan needs to be altered to account for these changes.  

Cash flow is also a big challenge that small business owners face. For a growing business, cash constraints can be the biggest factor in limiting strategic growth. Having a process in place to identify, prioritize and resolve key issues and challenges will enable a more efficient means of addressing both anticipated and unanticipated problems.  

Information technology also presents small business owners with a myriad of challenges. The effectiveness and efficiency of human resources, who rely on technology to do their jobs, can be impacted with technology that is old or doesn’t work correctly. 

Investing in training and teaching your employees new skills is also a big challenge as “time off” for training means that your employees are away from their day-to-day responsibilities.  

For small businesses to remain relevant, compete and win in the marketplace, they have to embrace change. This all starts by gaining a thorough understanding of the challenges you face, then doing something about it.

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