In order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees, are they following processes to get their jobs done? 

Are these processes enabled by technology to make them more efficient? 

Most small business owners would cite their employees as their No. 1 asset, but they fail to get the most out of their staff by limiting the integration of people, process and technology.

Defining the responsibilities for each of your employees is essentially defining “what” they need to do, but in most cases does not include “how” to do it. Building business processes, which includes the specific steps your employees need to execute to get their jobs done, will ensure they are following standard operating procedures. 

Training your employees on these processes will help them do a better job.

For each business process in your small business, you should constantly be looking for ways to make each process more efficient and effective. Measurements of each process, such as how long it takes to complete, will help you identify ways to make it better. Automating processes, by using technology, will help you make the process more efficient.

If a manual process takes an hour, and you can decrease the time to 20 minutes, you can now get things done 3 times faster. 

While the people who work for you are and should be your biggest asset, integrating processes and technology will help them to get more done and perform their jobs better. 

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