Do you have a passion for what you do to operate and grow your small business? Do you get up each day excited about going to work and getting things done? If you want to be successful in running and growing your small business, you must be passionate about the work you do.

Passion trumps all other aspects as it relates to small business success. Surveys of small business owners concluded that working hard, putting in long hours, and being successful are only by-products of the passion they bring to work every day.

And the passion you demonstrate to your employees doesn’t go unnoticed. In fact, it’s contagious. Your passion as a small business owner creates an environment for your team to be passionate about their jobs too. It’s an amazing thing to witness when everyone is passionate about their job, and the productivity and accomplishments that gets done as a result.

Do you look forward to going to work on Mondays? Do you work late hours to make sure things are taken care of before heading home for the evening? Do you go out of your way to make sure your customers are happy? These are all related to the passion you bring to work each day.

Owning and running a small business is much, much more than revenue growth and profit margins. It’s having fun and enjoying what you do. With a passion for what you do, everything else just falls in place!

Founder & President Jones Simply Sales, LLC

Dick Jones is the Founder & President of Jones Simply Sales, LLC. As a 4th generation sales professional, he has over 30 years of experience advising, coaching, consulting and working with small business owners.

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