FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — For the second time in a year, many Halcyon businesses are opening their doors to customers. Most restaurants and retailers at the 135-acre mixed-use development had their grand openings last fall, but the coronavirus pandemic forced those companies to lock their doors or completely alter their business approach. Now, with the state’s shelter-in-place order expired May 1, Halcyon General Manager David Silver said most have come back online.

“Nearly all of Halcyon’s tenants were back open to the public as of May 1, all following social distancing and other guidelines,” Silver said. “Centered around the Village Green, Halcyon’s spacious, outdoor-centric design has helped make these transitions as smooth as possible and will continue to be an asset moving forward.”

As of May 7, nine of Halcyon’s 12 eateries were doing businesses and nine of its 12 retailers were operating, two by appointment only. During March and April, a total of 10 businesses closed their doors.

While all businesses are feeling the financial crunch of the pandemic, Silver said Halcyon’s tenants are better off than most.

“Though tenant revenues may vary, as they do at any retail center, our tenants that remained open continued serving guests through curbside, and other retailers we able to fill orders via online and by-phone sales,” he said. “Any impact to revenues will be shorter lived at Halcyon than at other center who may have closed all aspects. And we’ve continued a strong and appropriate communications program to stay top-of-mind during the pandemic, as well as the prior year as we opened.”

A backbone of Halcyon’s operations has been hosting events, but with social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, those gatherings have gone virtual.

“We were able to quickly pivot our calendar of events to a virtual format, and we’ve been delighted to see a lot guests have ‘attended’ these virtual events, such as our Virtual Kids Discovery Club or Ladies Night out,” Silver said.

Virtual events will continue, but Halcyon does plan to open its weekly farmer’s market on May 19.

Amid the worldwide health crisis, Halcyon is still committed to being a good neighbor for the community, Silver said.

“We have hosted a food drive and other initiatives to benefit The Place of Forsyth, and our main goal over the course of these difficult time have been to be both a good community partner and a good landlord,” he said. “In the short and long terms, Halcyon will continue to focus on creating a sense of community. That’s what we’re build on, and that’s not changing.”

For those visiting the development, Silver said social distancing and sanitization guidelines have been set out for the entire complex.

Meanwhile, at Avalon in Alpharetta, retailers and restaurants are ramping up their reopening efforts.

The popular shopping and dining development has close to 20 restaurants offering takeout, drive-thru or delivery options.

Bocado Burger is going a step further by offering customers the opportunity to make their own burgers at home. In addition to takeout and delivery meals, the restaurant is selling its three-blend special grind for $12 a pound.

Goldberg’s Fine Foods is closed for now, but the company is matching every dollar donated to their employees to help them get through the shutdown.

Some two dozen Avalon retailers are now open for business, most with special hours and some with pick-up or by appointment only.

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