Are you hiring a lot of new employees? Recruiting, interviewing and hiring new employees takes a lot of time, but once they are hired, you need to get them productive as quickly as possible. Having a good onboarding plan and process is a necessity for all small business owners.

Onboarding is the mechanism through which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to become effective contributors for your small business. Onboarding typically starts with an orientation session where new employees become familiar with the standard operating procedures of the company.  

Formal meetings, combined with self-study tools using print material, videos and computer-based methods can be used to ensure each new employee fully understands how the company operates. Making the onboarding process fun and interactive is a great way to engage new employees and make them feel like a part of your organization.

While everyone wants their new hires to be productive quickly, the best onboarding programs are not conducted in a few days, but carefully planned over weeks and even months. Conveying too much information at one time reduces the retention levels and often leads to having to review the material again. 

Research has concluded that a strong onboarding process leads to better job performance, higher levels of job satisfaction, a stronger commitment to the organization, better retention and a significant reduction in the stress associated with taking a new job.  Preparing, planning and executing a good onboarding program will ensure you get the most out of your new employees.

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