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In just his junior year of high school, Chaz Chambliss has already received 30 offers for college football scholarships.

But, without the help of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta throughout the years, the now 6-foot, 3-inch-tall linebacker’s multiple injuries could have threatened his promising football career.

Chaz has played baseball and basketball, run track, and thrown shotput, but his favorite sport has always been football. “He started playing when he was 5 years old,” said his mom, Angela. “People thought we were crazy to let him play at such a young age, but you can tell when he plays football, that’s just his love.”

He has been coming to Children’s since he first broke his arm on the monkey bars in preschool. Since then, he’s also been treated for a broken a bone in his foot during baseball conditioning, as well as had surgery on a cyst on his leg.

So, when Chaz developed a strain on his rotator cuff while playing baseball in middle school, Angela knew exactly where to take him.

Comprehensive care for teen athletes

In the Sports Medicine Program at Children’s, Chaz met Colleen Crosby, PT, DPT, SCS, Sports Physical Therapist, who helped him correct his throwing motion and rehabilitate his shoulder in order to get him back to the baseball diamond.

But the injuries just kept coming. In February of his eighth-grade year, Chaz started experiencing pain and found it difficult to stand up straight. It turned out he had a stress fracture in his spine.

Stephen Kroll, MD, Pediatric Sports Medicine Primary Care Physician with Children’s Physician Group–Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, joined Chaz’s care team to treat the stress fracture. Together, Dr. Kroll and Colleen helped Chaz get back into peak condition.

That fall, Chaz was back on the field starting his freshman year on the varsity team in his high school football debut, and he completed the season free of injury.

“Our trusted sports medicine team is trained in age-appropriate techniques and focused on treating sports-related injuries and conditions in elite young athletes like Chaz,” Dr. Kroll said. “We are dedicated to helping make sure they get back in the game quickly and safely.”

Experts in treating growing athletes

Our team of pediatric orthopedic sports surgeons, sports medicine primary care physicians, sports physical therapists and certified athletic trainers understand what it takes to get an elite athlete back on the field after an injury, and to help keep him on the field. 

Not all physicians are experts in working with growing bones, but our physicians are specially trained to work with children, teens and young adults. Where you take them matters. Visit to learn more about our team and how we help growing athletes get back in the game.

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