Have you started planning your activities for next year? Are you scheduling time to develop your business plan so that you can hit the ground running come January? Allocating the time to develop your plans for the upcoming year in advance will allow you to get a jump-start when the new year is finally here.

The fourth quarter of the business year is always busy. Ensuring that you meet your goals for this year, and the day-to-day operations of your small business, is always a top priority. However, if you don’t spend some time developing your plans for next year, good luck getting off to a fast start when the new year arrives.

Setting financial goals for the upcoming year should drive all of your planning. Additionally, will you need to add resources or secure working capital to support the growth of your small business? 

Developing strategies and tactics to implement your business plan takes a lot of time and thought. Getting started on this process late in this year, vs. early next year, will allow you to put more thought to what you are planning.

Similar to adding a calendar event for an upcoming meeting, add a calendar event in December for next year’s planning. In fact, add a series of calendar events with specific objectives to ensure you are allocating the appropriate amount of time. 

Getting a jump-start on next year will allow you to get off to a fast start when the new year arrives!

Founder & President Jones Simply Sales, LLC

Dick Jones is the Founder & President of Jones Simply Sales, LLC. As a 4th generation sales professional, he has over 30 years of experience advising, coaching, consulting and working with small business owners.

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