As a small business owner, are you generating awareness of your products and services through your marketing efforts? When you meet with potential customers, are you creating interest in what you are selling? Generating awareness and interest during the sales process is very important, but if you can’t motivate a potential customer to buy, good luck in selling them something!

Successful marketing programs that target a specific customer segment will help you to create awareness of the products and services you are selling. Getting a potential buyer interested often involves showing them the benefits of the product or service. Many sales professionals do a great job of creating awareness and interest, but they don’t close the sale because they haven’t motivated the potential customer to buy.

Motivating a potential customer requires that you demonstrate the value of having, owning or using your product and service. For some products this could be showing how much time a customer can save by using your product, or how much more effective they will be by hiring you to provide a service you sell. Motivating a potential customer to buy has to be focused on what’s in it for them.

Many small businesses do a terrific job of creating awareness and interest of their products and services but fall short by not creating the motivation to buy. Letting a potential customer know specifically what your value proposition is will help motivate them; and motivated customers buy more.

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