Do your customers perceive you as a good listener? Are you asking good questions during meetings to get your customers to tell you what is keeping them awake at night?

The art of being a good listener isn’t about listening, it’s about asking good questions.  The key to doing this is being well prepared before you meet with customers.

For every meeting you have, you should have specific goals and objectives that will help you develop an overall agenda for the meeting. Developing a meeting guide with an outline of the topics and questions you want to ask is a great way to prepare for a meeting.  

When asking questions, it’s best to start at a high level. Your questions should be open-ended and require your customer to respond with more than a “yes” or “no” answer. As you begin to understand more about your customer’s business, you can start asking probing questions about their specific wants and needs. Asking questions about some of the issues or challenges they are facing are great ways to identify potential opportunities to help them.

Having a meeting guide with good questions will help ensure you are a good listener. By being a good listener, you are much more likely to establish trust and credibility with your customers, a requirement for doing business with them.

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