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After 12 years of coaching youth sports, I have thrown out a lot of sayings to the players on my teams. Some of them have made the cut and continue from season to season. Others land flat and get thrown by the wayside. But after this long, I have some that are tried and true and really are l…

MILTON, Ga. — Dr. James Morrow of Morrow Family Medicine recently received the 2019 Distinguished Humanitarian Physician Alumni Award from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. The family practice has locations in Cumming and Milton. 

Are you using email marketing to keep in touch with your current customers? Do you use email marketing as a means to attract new customers? If not, you may not be on an even playing field with your competitors who are. Today, 94 percent of internet users between the ages of 18-64 send or rea…

With app-driven ride-sharing programs like Uber and Lyft woven into the fabric of our communities, and self-driving cars on the horizon, the Buckhead Community Improvement District inked a contract last week to incorporate the systems into a public-like transit service. 

Do you currently have a definable, repeatable and measurable sales process in your business? Is this process documented? Does everyone on your sales team follow this process? 

Plans may finally be coming together in Alpharetta for a 62-acre tech village that could now include one or two Fortune 500 companies. The site is attractive to large employers because of its proposed sense of place, mixed-use concept and because it ties into the proposed Alpha Loop. 

Have you ever thought about selling your small business? A lot of small business owners fail to maximize the money they can make from their business when they sell it by not “staging” it well before they want to sell it. Staging in this context is synonymous with preparing in advance to get …

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal kind of shocked me when it stated that American incomes remained essentially flat in 2018. Our unemployment rate is at a historically low level, and as employers fight for quality employees, it should make good sense that wages would be going up. B…

When it comes to pelvic pain, there are several potential causes to consider. Besides a gynecologic source, pelvic pain can also originate from gastrointestinal and urologic origins.

Veneers are one of the most versatile options to help restore a smile that is suffering from cracked, chipped, crooked, stained, or gapped front teeth. They are as durable as regular teeth and are even resistant to staining that would normally yellow natural tooth enamel.

Has your oncologist ever talked to you about personalizing your cancer treatment? In other words, has he or she looked at unique aspects of your case, and tailored the treatments accordingly?

Have you ever suffered from heartburn? That burning sensation in your chest or throat can be very unsettling. Many times, you can taste the stomach fluid in the back of your mouth. If this is something you experience more than twice a week, there’s a chance that you may have gastroesophageal…

Henry Ford has been quoted as saying “Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right.” And he was right. This couldn’t be more important in starting, operating and growing a small business. So, do you think you can, or do you think you can’t?

When pressed, I’m happy to tell how I came through the near economic collapse our country went through in 2008. It’s a story about getting knocked way down only to work a hard row back up. I’m certainly proud, and I certainly had a lot of help from some great people.

Hat’s off to my 10th grade economics teacher Coach Gann at Crestwood High School, the theory of “supply and demand and the invisible hand” is playing out in extremes in the metro area’s office market. 


ATLANTA — After more than four years of negotiations and clearing regulatory hurdles, Northside Hospital and the Gwinnett Health System have completed arrangements to combine their health care operations. The merger takes effect Aug. 28.

As a small business owner, one of your top priorities should be to build and maintain relationships. How well are you doing in expanding your contact list and staying in touch with everyone? While it’s easier said than done to maintain and enhance relationships you have, the better you do th…

I’m not sure there is really any stronger anticipation than the grueling month of waiting a college football fan goes through before the season kicks off. It’s like that drive home from picking up the family’s pizza on Friday night when you are starving and there are piping-hot pizza’s smell…

Every small business has vendors and suppliers they work with to provide them with products and services. Negotiating terms is a critical component to ensure they are getting the best payment terms for what they are buying. How are you negotiating terms with your vendors and suppliers?

I was right in the middle of writing an article that would have disappointed you interest rate hawks about how the Federal Reserve’s rate cut did not translate to a direct mortgage interest rate cut. Then the president flew in with an announcement of new tariffs on China, which sent rates sinking. 

A major differentiator to successfully running and growing a small business is leadership. Small business owners who are great leaders are more successful.  

You want another reason that real estate is interesting to talk about: Since 2010, the housing market comprised about 15 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. 

Everyone has heard the term “Elevator Pitch.” It reflects the idea that you should be able to tell someone what you do in the span of a short elevator ride. Typically, an elevator ride is between 30 seconds and one minute. Quickly telling someone what you do and the benefits of working with …


NORTH ATLANTA, Ga. — The northern suburbs food scene is attracting state-wide attention. Four restaurants in North Fulton and DeKalb counties have been named on this year’s “100 Plates Locals Love,” an annual culinary guide of the best local dishes as selected by judges throughout the state.

As a small business owner, have you given consideration to expanding your product lines? There are many reasons why small businesses should consider adding either new products or additional lines of business. Additionally, there are both pros and cons of doing this.