After 1 million branded-bun burgers, we are so very grateful to be your go-to burger joint for good times and great food!  

THANK YOU for choosing BurgerFi as BEST BURGER for six years in a row!  THANK YOU for voting us winner of BEST FAMILY RESTAURANT!   THANK YOU, forBEST PATIO DINING runner up!  We are humbled and privileged to be honored with this kind of love & support from you, our community! 

Often, we are asked, what does “BurgerFi” mean? 

BurgerFi is abbreviated from “BurgerFication”, meaning ‘changing the way people eat burgers.’  BurgerFi changed the operational model burger chains have used for decades; the biggest change is in the quality of meat we serve.  Our meat is superior to any other quick serve restaurant; here’s how we know how our quality stacks up:

BurgerFi Scores “A” Grade

BurgerFi was identified as one of the TOP two national brands in the burger industry having the highest standards for our beef.   We received an «A» grade on the 4th Annual Chain Reaction Scorecard released by six major consumer and environmental organizations. Of 25 brands tested, BurgerFi received “A”, next brand was «D minus», ALL remaining 22 brands scored an «F».  Serving responsibly raised, antibiotic-free, American Black Angus Beef has ALWAYS been the BurgerFi business model, delivering clean, fresh food plus the good practices that stand behind it.  You know our great taste, now you know we serve you the highest quality beef out there!

What’s NEW?

Fi’ed Chicken tenders!  Chicken Breast Tenders, served with your choice of dipping sauce:  Fi Sauce, Bacon Jalapeño Ranch, Honey Mustard Barbecue, Memphis Sweet Barbecue or Garlic Aioli.  You’ll love ‘em, sauce up!  Tenders are on our kids’ menu too & they eat free Monday nights!  All chicken offerings are cage free, no hormone, antibiotics, chemicals or additives, ever!  Or our Fi’ed Chicken Sandwich with its crispy, oh my goodness is topped with Honey Mustard Barbecue sauce!  Another newbie is our plant based Beyond Burger, zero cholesterol, no soy or gluten yet great taste & texture Vegan and Vegetarian friendly with 20 grams of protein!  

Enjoy A Frozen CUSTARD!

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a little something sweet.  So, bring the family and hang out on the “Best Patio” to create some moments to remember.  We suggest having a MILKSHAKE party to celebrate the end of summer.  Vote for your favorite flavor:  Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, BlacK-and-White, Strawberry, Oreo, Coffee Mocha or whatever combination you want us to make for you!

We love this community!  Our passion?  Serving you, in store or catering on site and partnering with you to give back to over thirty of our community centered charities such as No Longer Bound, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Drake House.

If you haven’t visited us yet, we invite you to join us this week.  In a hurry?  Download our ap to order pick up or deliveries.

Thank you again, we are proud to serve you!

— BurgerFi Team Alpharetta, BurgerFi.com


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