John Hogan

John Hogan and Brittany Lingerfelt, Remodeling Experts 

My neighbor’s home sold quickly and for more than asking price, but not mine. John Hogan, owner of Remodeling Expo Center, says “I’m confronted with this question all the time.” At Remodeling Expo Center we’re in the business of making our customer’s home investment grow. Mr. Hogan emphasizes. “It’s both an art and a science”. People can debate about how much, or what to remodel but the core answer is – “Remodeling is an investment, not an expense”, and because it’s such a large investment, professional advice should be sought.

 I general, people who do not ever remodel their homes, and believe that their homes will naturally appreciate are the people who are the most disappointed with their home values. The fact is that, the value of a home is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it, and as time passes, the desirability of the elements of a home change (closet size, stainless appliances, etc.). It’s analogous to a stock market investor rebalancing their portfolio over time.

These days people move around a lot, due to schools, jobs etc. “My favorite customers are the one who have made significant profits because we’ve remodeled 2 or 3 homes for them” says Mr. Hogan. “We know what the new home buyer wants, and we adapt homes to have these features, designs and colors, so they sell fast and for maximum price. We know where and how much money to spend. We advise homeowners to spend only “Smart money”.

Home owners who profit on the sale of their homes have a savvy investor attitude and just like the stock market, if you don’t invest, you don’t profit. And just like the stock market, over time, it only goes up. With your home, invest in the right amounts and in the right places” your home value will increase impressively.

Here are some examples of easy ways to improve home value: open up the kitchen to the family room, make room for a big single level island, paint the house something other than beige!, remove all the cultured marble in the bathroom, get rid of all the gold/brass fixtures in the bathroom and lastly install recessed can lighting to brighten the house up.

To learn more about how to boost your home value, contact The Remodeling Expo Center at 404 910-3969 or stop in at 48 King Street, Roswell, GA 30075.

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