BurgerFi is incredibly grateful to have been voted Best Burger for the FIFTH year in a row.  It is truly inspiring to see our love for fresh all-natural food echoed in our community.  Not only honored to be named Best Burger, but to also receive Best Family Dining, and runner up in Best Date Night and Best Dessert… We’re blown away.  Of course great recognition only comes from cherished customers like you, so we thank you for encouraging us and supporting us!

Why do we Taste so good? It’s pretty simple – our Angus Beef is 100% All-Natural, free-range, humanely treated, NEVER exposed to antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids.  We also believe fresh is best, so chopping, dicing and mixing is an everyday event in our kitchen.  From the BurgerFi Sauce, Garlic Aioli and Tomato Bacon Jam to the fresh VegeFi patty (a solid crowd favorite) Hand Cut Fries and double battered Onion Rings - all are crafted here daily.  BurgerFi is dedicated to always serving high quality food, so you can feel good about providing healthy, fresh food to your family.  You’re welcome. 

What’s new you ask?   The Beyond Burger, a vegan-friendly, plant based protein, that’s hormone-free, antibiotic-free, GMO and soy free, with zero cholesterol. We offer The Beyond Burger in two ways:  traditional style with onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese, or vegan green style either wrapped in lettuce or served on a vegan bun.

You’ve been asking and we’ve heard you!  Our next newbie is a Grilled Chicken Sandwich, another free-range, no-hormone, no-steroid luxury with a tangy Honey Mustard BBQ sauce sure to please.  Coming soon will be a signature Fi’ed Chicken Sandwich, it’s a delicately battered, crispy masterpiece we’ve perfected with Honey BBQ sauce, pickles, lettuce and tomato. 

Love avocado?  Heard again!  Recently introduced Fried Avocado (adding a unique crunch factor) is here to stay - definitely don’t see this style everywhere!  Just think of the delicious possibilities when you add avocado to your favorite burger.

Tasty healthy choices for you to enjoy more variety each time you visit.  Hey you can come at least twice a week now! 

Food is a huge part of what we do, but we’re committed to serve so much more than food.  Your support enables us to continually increase our charitable giving, outreach and fundraising efforts. This year we are privileged to sponsor The Drake House, Pathways2Life, Foster Care Support Foundation, Homestretch, No Longer Bound plus numerous other groups with fundraising.  Giving back to help others in our community is one of our greatest joys. THANK YOU for partnering with us on these efforts!

Come see us soon and taste for yourself what all the fuss is about!  Be sure to order some frozen custard so you’ll know which flavor is your favorite when voting BurgerFi for The Best Dessert again next year.

5475 Windward Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30004  

On the go?  Download BurgerFi mobile app “FI on the FLY” or Skip the line and order online at BurgerFi.com.

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