Remodeling Expo

This company has solved North Atlanta’s “Builder Grade” kitchen and bathroom problem for over 500 homeowners. And they’re just getting warmed up. 

Remodeling Expo Center was created over 18 years ago by Peter Schnieper and John Hogan, both former “Big Six” consultants, private equity partners and real estate developers. Impressive at first glance, but their real strength is building businesses through the recruitment of solid management and service delivery teams. 

Hogan speaks the language of a former venture capitalist using terms like scalability, ERP and design excellence, while Peter, who handles the installation department, speaks the language of building code compliance and manufacturers installation procedures.

Remodeling Expo Center was created to offer cost effective and awesomely gorgeous remodeling solutions to the 30,000+ homes in North Atlanta, built in the 1980’s and 90’s with low grade or “builder grade” finishes. “We offer a rare combination of design, visualization, engineering and general contracting to homeowners. So they can know what they can do, how much it will cost and using 3D Renderings, what it will look like. In about 4 days”. A “one stop shop” so to speak.

Since openness and connectivity is the prevailing home design movement “can we move or eliminate that wall? Is the question we hear most frequently” says co-owner Peter Schnieper, “and the answer is always yes. We’re real general contractors and we have the electrical, structural, and carpentry resources to move any wall” The company uses a staff of certified designers to render the re-invented home with state of the art, mini super computers. “It’s so wonderful to see the homeowner’s eyes light up when they see the re-designed space” says John Hogan, “it’s like they get validation of what they’ve been imagining for the past 10 years”. They never proceeded with the project because no company could show them that it could be done. Hogan continues “homeowners get so excited about how beautiful it’s going to look and they’re even more excited about how easy it was.”

To deliver this enormous amount of inspiration and design support to hundreds of homeowners per year, Remodeling Expo Center built an impressive Design Center where customers can interact with the company’s professionals, see kitchen and bathroom vignettes, and select form the awesome variety of granite, quartz, cabinetry, tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. The company’s Design Center is in downtown Roswell at 48 King Street. Business is expanding so rapidly that they are ing a second location in Alpharetta soon. Currently, their service area includes all of North Atlanta including Sandy Springs, Roswell, Marietta, Johns Creek, Norcross, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Cumming, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Smyrna, Milton and other adjacent areas.

Remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, basements or the whole house can be significant sums of money, so we are accustomed to answering a myriad of homeowner questions; how much should I spend?, what design should we do?, should we remodel all 4 bathrooms? As the largest remodeler in North Atlanta, they’ve become the authority on homeowner guidance.

We help homeowners understand that their homes are an investment, not an expense, and with the proper maintenance and periodic re-investment (remodeling), significant appreciation is virtually guaranteed. “It sold in 24 hours for over asking price”, this isn’t neighborhood folklore it happens every day to Remodeling Expo’s customers.

 As Remodeling Expo has come to dominate the remodeling market, they’ve also had the chance to record their fine work in a large library of before and after videos and photos for all to see at or call 404-910-3969, 48 King Street Roswell GA 30075.

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