I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Taylor after his 2018 Best of win to ask him about his recent success. 

As we sit in the bright, clean, welcoming waiting room of Premier Dermatology, Dr. Taylor is holding his newborn son, his third boy, only 15 days old. He apologizes for the squeaks of the sleeping baby and smiles apologizing when those squeaks interrupt our interview. After speaking with him for an hour, I am well aware of the reasons for his renown. He is warm, instantly calming, respectful and shockingly intelligent. Despite having a youthful face that, at first glance, might make you question his experience, his knowledge and surgical ability are well established: both are touted in patient reviews and displayed in a vast surgical portfolio. He is loved and respected by his patients and his staff, and it is easy to see why. He is, to say the least, a genuine individual and accomplished physician.

Congratulations on winning both Best Dermatologist and Best Vein Specialist of North Atlanta! As a new practice, it is quite an honor to win these titles, let alone winning Best Vein Specialist 2 years in a row. To what do you attribute to your success?

Dr. Taylor: Well thank you very much! You’re right. It is an honor to win and I am extremely appreciative of the accolade. 

I am very fortunate to live and work in an area that has exceptional healthcare including outstanding dermatologists and remarkable Mohs surgeons. Moreover, residents of North Fulton are smart consumers, who do their research on their potential physicians. Given this, I truly value the confidence that my patients have placed in me. 

I don’t have any hidden secret to Premier Dermatology’s success per se. I have been trained by exceptional physicians and I work with exceptional people. I strive to always be patient-centered, to put the patient first, to read up, perform extra research for my patients and advocate for them. Quality controls, back-up systems and patient care processes are an area of special interest for me. I have been an airplane pilot for over ten years, and I believe the strategies for safety and quality that aviation emphasizes have translated into improved processes within my own practice.

But most importantly, I really owe so much to our amazing staff! Given that we are a small practice with only 7 staff members, I am beyond thankful for their expertise, compassion and the concern that they have for our patients. We spend a lot of time together given our 10 to 12 hour work days, so it is invaluable that we all get along and not only like our jobs but strive to excel and improve our processes. We’ve been open 18 months now and are constantly trying to improve wherever we can. I think that’s part of our success: patients recognize our genuine concern and commitment to excellence. 

Is there something you feel sets yourself apart from the other physicians in the area? 

Dr. Taylor: Actually I do believe I spend an unusual amount of time with my patients. As a procedural dermatologist, I am used to a smaller volume of patients with longer visits so that translates over to my general dermatology patients. (With a laugh) Granted sometimes that means my schedule runs behind, but ultimately our patients leave knowing that they received thorough, high quality care. And I appreciate the understanding my patients show me, because I think that they can tell that if I am running behind that it is because I chose to give a prior patient the time he or she needed rather than run on schedule.

Regarding Mohs surgery and vein care, my fellowship covered multiple aspects of surgical dermatology, so I feel that I am able to address some of the extra concerns that patients may have that would otherwise be referred out to other specialists, and I perform these services at the level you would expect from someone who is fellowship-trained and board-certified. For example, I can treat medically significant vein disease with various procedures such as laser ablation and foam sclerotherapy then, once resolved, clear up the cosmetic vein issues with sclerotherapy or laser treatments. I am also one of the only physicians in Georgia with the ability to cure melanoma with true Mohs surgery. In general, these would be treated by different specialists or would be treated using non-equivalent techniques.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Dr. Taylor: I really just want to say thank you very much! Thank you to our staff: you are valued and wonderful and we wouldn’t be continuing to excel without each and every one of you! Also thank you so very much to all of our patients and our community! Your confidence and support is greatly appreciated and rewarding. I look forward to continuing to strive to provide patients with exceptional care.

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