The Dazzlin’ Dames, a group of senior women, put on a Vaudeville-style show. 

GEORGIA — When looking for live entertainment in the Atlanta suburbs, one usually thinks of the high school drama departments or the handful of professional groups, but there is a group of women over 60 that has been entertaining for decades. 

The Dazzlin’ Dames is a group of senior women who put on a Vaudeville-style show, performing at churches, retirement homes and theatres around the state. 

The group was originally formed by contestants in the Ms. Senior Georgia pageant, as a way for participants to keep in touch throughout the year. 

“People said there was a need for getting out and entertaining folks who are in these facilities,” said Carolynn Wilson, a 10-year member of the performing group. “The ladies just decided to get together and do it.”

The Dazzlin’ Dames put on around 30 shows a year, Wilson said. The shows typically run about an hour, with a mix of singing, dancing and comedy acts. 

“Every show is a little different,” said Wilson.

Wilson said she was never on a stage until she first participated in the pageant when she turned 60. 

“I felt that I had no talent, but I had a good time,” Wilson said. “I just love making people laugh.”

To be a part of the Dazzlin’ Dames, you must have participated in the pageant and be 60 or older. The oldest members are 91. 

“They still get out there and dance and sing,” Wilson said. “And they’re something else. They are fabulous.”

The best part of being a Dazzlin’ Dame is the friendships formed, Wilson said. She also loves bringing smiles to the faces in the audience.

“It makes us smile,” Wilson said. “It makes us feel good. It’s really a very, very warm feeling.”

Though the group mostly performs in the Atlanta suburbs, they have members from across the state and are always looking for new performing spaces. 

For more information, email ddshowcases@yahoo.com.

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