Cadillac Jack

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Cadillac Jack, the longtime morning host of Kicks 101.5, and his wife, Donna Choate, are gearing up to release the first episode of their new podcast. It’s a new career direction for Jack, who was terminated from the station this summer.

On Jan. 7, the couple will debut their first episode of “Cadillac Jack: My Second Act,” a lifestyle podcast.

“We’ll be talking about things going on in our daily life,” Choate said. “Current events, parenting, challenges, work-life balance, raising kids — a lot of it is going to be geared towards Northern Atlanta, where we live, but we’re going to be a podcast that anybody can listen to.”

Longtime fans of Cadillac Jack will still hear his sarcasm and storytelling but with no bars or rules, Jack said.

“I’m a southern, sarcastic storyteller,” Jack said. “That was always, internally, my calling card at the radio station. On all three of those elements, we’ll be able to expand much more. Basically, this is my morning show with my best friend, who happens to be my wife.”

The new format will also allow him to be even more transparent in his discussions.

“You’re able to tell stories and have time to tell stories,” Jack said. “You don’t have to worry about the content, necessarily.”

Politics and religion, for example, were two topics Jack could not broach on the radio. The podcast, however, is much freer about such subjects.

“I control the brand,” Jack said. “I control the messaging.”

The two cohosts are most looking forward to having great conversations, Choate said.

“On the radio, you could be having great conversation that sort of got interrupted by music, or games, or giveaways or commercials,” she said. “And even though it is a podcast, we’re going to incorporate listeners and people. They’ll be able to leave us messages and comment on things we’re talking about.”

The couple said it was a “very, very” easy decision to switch to podcasting. Jack said he noticed that the medium was gaining traction, especially among radio stations, where he saw an increase in marketing and stories directing listeners to podcasts.

“Everybody is shifting,” he said.

Choate said podcasts also allow fans to rewind or hear old episodes everywhere, regardless of where they live.

“People would say, ‘I heard your husband talked about something really funny today. Do you know what he said?’” Choate said. “If you missed it, you missed it. But the great thing about what we’re doing now is you can rewind, you can fast forward, if you really loved it you can listen to it two or three times… It really opens it up to everyone to listen.”

After 26 years of radio, Jack and Choate have built up a strong base of listeners, whom they call friends and family, and they said they’re excited to welcome more into their lives.

“They have always been a part of the fabric of our lives,” Choate said. “They’re not just people we are broadcasting to. They are actually people who we know as much about their lives as they know about ours.”

“Cadillac Jack: My Second Act” will air episodes twice a week on all major podcast platforms as well as on

Julia Grochowski is a Reporter with Appen Media Group and covers Roswell.

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