JC Arts Center

On display at the Johns Creek Arts Center, “Southern Currents” features

photographs such as these works by Eric Smith. 

JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — The Johns Creek Arts Center will be displaying a juried show by the Atlanta Photography Group entitled “Southern Currents.” 

Featuring 51 works by more than 25 artists, the show, which runs through April 20, explores Southern spaces, people, customs and food. 

“They wanted to a show that basically depicts different aspects of Southern culture,” Curator Althea Foster said. “Most of the artists are Southern. There’s a lot of different kinds of art in the show. There’s some figurative work, some landscapes, some nature photography.”

Though the show is made up exclusively of photography, there is still plenty of diversity in the work, Foster said. 

“I think that, particularly for most Southerners, the South evokes a place that is different from other parts of the country,” Foster said. “I really think that you get a sense of the unique character of Georgia in this exhibit. Its different aspects of Georgia — there’s urban pictures; there’s rural pictures.”

The show was juried by Atlanta Photography Group Executive Director Judith Pishnery and Beth Lilly. Established in 1987, APG is a nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for photographers to further their artistic development and to support the fine arts. 

Pishnery has am MA and MFA from Savanah College of Arts and Design, and she has served on the board of the America Photographic Artists in Atlanta and the Atlanta Celebrates Photograph festival. 

Lilly has had her work displayed in the High Museum of Art, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and other regional museums. She earned an MFA in photography from Georgia State University. 

Foster said the Johns Creek Arts Center works with other arts groups to host a medium-specific show about once a year. 

“People from Atlanta come up here to see the show; that increases our audience,” she said. “And people from here get to see work that they probably wouldn’t get to otherwise.”

There was an opening reception March 9. Saturday, April 20 from 12:30 to 2 p.m., there will be a jurors talk, where Pishnery and Lilly will give artists advice on submitting works to a show.  

“I think a lot of really good quality work doesn’t get into exhibitions because it’s poorly presented, so they are going to do a talk on that,” Foster said. 

The Johns Creek Arts Center is at 6290 Abbotts Bridge Road, Building 700. The center and the exhibit are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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