Meet Tasiona of xoMedia Events

Meet Tasiona, the young woman responsible for launching the "Content Creators Club”; a membership program that provides essential marketing tools and resources for digital creators looking to accelerate the growth and expansion of their online business. 

With a background in digital marketing, Tasiona understood the significance of content marketing and the importance of the creators role in that industry so she decided to build the Content Creators Club to equip members with the tools for success.

The goal is to cultivate a community of content creators that each share the common interest of flourishing in the $44 billion dollar content marketing industry.

There are many resources available that can teach the necessary steps to achieve success in this business, but there aren’t many that assist in implementing the tools necessary to grow and monetize a brand.

As an event planner at xoMedia Events, Tasiona has developed the first series of events which include: Speed Networking Atlanta, The Creators Studio, and The Content Creators Crash Course Workshop.

Speed Networking Atlanta was created for content creators to have the opportunity to build a network to exchange information and resources to strategically grow a brand.  We have created an intimate space to network exclusively within their industry

The Creators Studio was established for members to collaborate and create digital media with each other to gain exposure on all online platforms such as blogs, social media, podcasts, youtube, etc. 

The Content Creators Crash Course is a workshop which provides the opportunity for creators to learn and actually implement the strategies acquired in real time with real people.

“This is just the beginning, I have so much excitement for cultivating a community of successful digital creators that seize every opportunity with the knowledge, network, and resources for success”

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