Milton's waste haulers no longer accepting glass recycling

MILTON, Ga. — Because local recycling processors no longer accept glass, the city of Milton removed glass from the list of materials haulers are required to recycle.

The City Council voted Dec. 5 to approve an ordinance in the city’s code that removes glass from the list of recyclables waste haulers are required to accept.

Milton Sustainability Coordinator Teresa Stickles said many citizens received a letter from their waste hauler indicating that glass would no longer be accepted in single stream recycling.

“That’s because the materials recovery facilities or recycling processors have started rejecting glass in single stream when it’s all mixed together,” Stickles said. “The reality of the environment of recycling currently is glass is not allowed.”

Mayor Joe Lockwood said he understands that it’s hard to separate the items, but it still seems strange to not be able to recycle glass.

To address that issue, Stickles said she is exploring ways for residents of Milton to still be able to recycle their glass. Additionally, the city is reaching out to nearby communities to see how they handle glass recycling.

“It’s not just Milton, it’s nationwide,” Stickles said. “Everyone in this region is scrambling to find a good solution. There isn’t an easy, good solution right now.”

But the encouraging thing, she said, is any Milton resident who wants to recycle glass can take it to the Roswell Recycling Center, 11570 Maxwell Road, because glass is separated there.

“We can pull into Roswell Recycling Center once a month and get rid of our glass in the interim,” Stickles said.

To learn about the Roswell Recycling Center visit

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