#1. Answer: False. In 2017 sales of printed books worldwide increased 1.9% (the latest figures available). Data shows that sales of

printed books have increased every year since 2013. Sales of e-Books, according to Statisa, however, peaked in 2011 and by 2016

had declined by almost 2/3rdse (from 23.2 million units to 7.1). Why? Generally, studies repeated find that consumers trust ,

appreciate, and understand printed information better when it is on paper. Also, people are leery of being pulled into digital screens to

the point of it being unhealthy.

#2. Answer: About 30%

#3. Answer: False. In the last 15 years the percent of people who pick up, open, and read their free home-delivered Appen newspaper

has remained virtually constant - never varying more than 1% up or down - until 2019. In 2019, the percent actually increased almost

10% to 77.5% from an average of 71-72%. This compares with the readership of a paid daily newspaper which - on average- is only

read about 80-82% of the time even though it is a paid subscription.

#4. Answer: Biggest group: age 45-54 with 26%. Second biggest is age 35-44 at 25% and third is age 55-64 with 21%.

#5. Answer: Increasing - slowly and incrementally, but yes, increasing.

#6. Answer: In 2019 it was 12%.

#7. Answer: About 70%. 68% earn over $100,000

#8. Answer: The top 5 answers are as follows:

- Furniture & Home Furnishings 55%

- Home Improvements 38%

- Auto accessories 41%

- Lawn & Garden Supplies 48%

- Men’s apparel 59%

- New or used Car or Truck 31% (Also, 55% of them don’t know what “brand” they will buy)

- Women’s apparel 71%

- Tax Advisor 42%

- Financial Planner 32%

- Veterinarian 32%

- Health Club 45%

- Lawn Service 32%

- Medical Services 45%

- Pet Supplies 31%

- NOTE: Dining & Entertainment and Travel were also very high ( 78% and 55% respectively) but were excluded from this quiz

because of Covid-19.

#9. Answer: About 70% (actual is 73.2% and this percentage has not varied more than 1-2% up or down in the last 15-20 years)

#10. Answer: More than 800 variables are available to parse a target market.

Data comes from Appen Media Group’s annual (most recent through December 2019) Circulation & Readership Audit by the Circulation Verification Council - an independent third-party company. (CVCAudit.com)

Appen Media Group now is the ONLY newspaper in the region, along with the AJC, that still has its circulation and press run independently verified.

Ray is the Publisher Emeritus for Appen Media and the Herald newspapers.

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I got 6 correct on the media opinion quiz.

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