ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Police are investigating an incident in which a woman was scammed out of $15,000 by someone posing as an app’s manager.

On June 21, the woman attempted to transfer $500 to her sister using an app called “Cash App.” A few days later, after her sister had still not received the funds, the woman called what appeared to be the app’s service number.

The woman spoke to a man who claimed to be the manager. He said he would send a prompt on her app to reimburse the money.

The woman received the prompt and clicked it. She received nine more prompts, which she continued to click, because she said she thought she was having issues with her phone. Each prompt charged her $500.

When the woman called the man again, he said he would help her fill out paperwork to reimburse all of the funds. He then sent another prompt to reimburse $10,000, over double the amount the woman had lost. 

The woman accepted the prompt, and her bank froze her account. The bank said the money had been used to purchase Bitcoins, and she was refunded the $10,000. She was told to file a police report to recover the rest of the funds. 

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