As a small business owner, are you managing your time to focus on the most important tasks and activities? Do you allocate enough time each day to ensure that major initiatives are moving forward according to your plans? Time management is key to successfully running a small business, and making every minute count is very important.

Time management requires a diverse set of skills and techniques, but none of them are hard to learn and utilize. For example, if you have an important task to accomplish on a specific day, allocating the appropriate amount of time and putting an event on your calendar will improve the odds you’ll complete the task.

Being organized is also a critical component of managing your valuable time. Small business owners who are organized can get more done and minimize surprises that prevent things from getting done. Simply creating a list of tasks does not mean you are organized. Including the time the task will take to complete, if others need to be involved, and prioritizing the most important tasks will help you be more organized.

Let’s face it, a small business owner has a lot of balls in the air every day. Juggling all these balls without dropping one requires good organizational skills and making sure you’re planning ahead to get things done. Making every minute count will ensure that you are focused on the right things at the right time, and that you’re getting things done on time.

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