ROSWELL, Ga. — Mayor Lori Henry says she wants Roswell to set the standard for cities in North Fulton, and she wants to set that standard high.

And 2019 might have just been the year for that vision, she added.

Henry spoke at the Aug. 8 Roswell Rotary Club meeting at Roswell Area Park about the state of the city and its future. She chiefly spoke about Together Roswell, the city’s first citywide strategic comprehensive plan initiative launched this summer. 

“2019 is the year the community came together to forge a vision for our common future,” Henry said. “You have made your vision for Roswell very clear. Roswell residents and business owners want a prosperous, innovative, green and welcoming city that thrives with diversity and distinctiveness. Roswell is a city that cherishes its rich city and serves as an example of what it means to hold true to its own history while moving forward into today’s world.”

The strategic plan will help create a clear direction for the city’s future and will see policy based on it, Henry said.

Together Roswell is still in Phase I, the engagement phase, and residents can still provide input online at

Henry also said she is excited about the ongoing preservation project inspired by Pastor Sabin Strickland for Doc’s Cafe on 20 Oxbo Road. The cafe, a historical landmark, was the only gathering space in the 1950s where African Americans could eat out, Henry said.

“Roswell is special because of its diverse and remarkable story,” Henry said. “However, the story of the Groveway Community really has not been told or preserved. Groveway is a vibrant historical community in Roswell, and we must work with the Groveway Community to save this history and expand the story that is being taught to generations to come.” 

The cafe was in danger of demolition because of the Oxbo Road Realignment project and has since been moved. A permanent home for the cafe has not yet been chosen, Henry said.   

The mayor spoke about Roswell’s new Police Chief James Conroy. She also gave updates about major transportation projects across the city, including the Historic Gateway Project with GDOT and the newly completed Hardscrabble Green Loop. 

But the largest transportation project Roswell has ever undertaken, Henry said, is the Big Creek Parkway project, to redesign and replace the Holcomb Bridge Road and Ga. 400 interchange. The city held an open house to show project plans Aug. 8.

“The people of Roswell want a government that works, that is effective, performs basic services and pushes every day to improve those services,” Henry said. 

She added that Roswell’s employees are working at an exceptionally high level and that citizens must not take the work for granted.

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fix the traffic lights which the mayor said she would do when she was elected

mayor. you go red light to red light. that makes traffic stall.

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