ROSWELL, Ga. — Every birthday is a special day, and for one Roswell resident, this year’s birthday will carry extra significance.

Sue Pullen

Roswell resident Sue Pullen will celebrate her 100th birthday on March 24.

Sue Pullen, who now lives in the Sanford Estates on Walton Way, will spend March 24 celebrating her 100th birthday. 

“It’s amazing,” said Ann Abrahamson, one of Sue’s daughters. “You never think it’s going to last this long, that someone will be around this long.”

Sue was born in 1920 in Oak Park, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. It was during this time that Sue’s father-in-law was the head of the English Department at a local school when Ernest Hemingway, the author of “A Farewell to Arms,” attended, Abrahamson said.

For most of her life, Sue was a housewife. She had three children with her first husband, Frederic Gehlmann, who died from cancer when they were 42. Sue remained a single mother for seven years before she remarried with Leon Pullen.

It was with Leon that Sue got the travel bug and decided to visit each continent, except for Antarctica, with her husband. She succeeded.

“She’s got a map up in her apartment with little pushpins of every area they’ve been,” Abrahamson said. “There’s too many to name.”

After living for a while in Florida, Sue eventually moved to Roswell to be closer to her family, including Abrahamson. And despite her age, Abrahamson said her mother, who they call the “Little Energizer Bunny,” has not slowed down at all.

“She’s just got so much energy,” Abrahamson said. “We can barely keep up with her.”

Sue still loves to go to the theatre, watch opera and be social. One of her favorite songs is “Mack the Knife.” Sue also likes the “chicken dance,” which she danced with her grandson Sam at his wedding in 1998.

“She’s always been known as the life of the party,” Abrahamson said. “Everyone loves her. She’s already loved by everybody at her new home in Roswell. She always had a lot of friends and has a great laugh and wicked sense of humor.”

Over the course of her life, Sue has had three children, three stepchildren and several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Her family now includes Sara Julsrud and her husband Chris; Nancy Pullen; Debby Laslo and her husband Mike; Ann Abrahamson and her husband Gary; Carole Gehlmann; and Barb Gieske and her husband Chuck.

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