Seven Branches

The City of Roswell now owns 53 acres of the Seven Branches property to use for preservation and passive use.

ROSWELL, Ga. — The City of Roswell has purchased the last section of the Seven Branches Property for passive use and preservation.

The property, which sits on Holcomb Bridge Road near East Roswell Park, contains 50 acres of undeveloped land. A unanimous vote at the Oct. 15 City Council meeting added another 3.5 acres.

“This project is important, because at the heart of every Roswell citizen is the desire of preservation of greenspace and trees,” said Mayor Lori Henry. “This significant acquisition preserves the natural beauty of Seven Branches for future generations.”

The city first began buying property along Seven Branches in September 2017 to preserve some of the land and its nature. At the time, Roswell paid $2.1 million for 21 acres and received an additional 13 acres in a charitable contribution.

The final 3.5-acre purchase will not to exceed $9,000.

About 47 acres of the entire Seven Branches property are subject to restrictions to promote passive land use, Henry said.

The remaining six acres can be used for future needs, such as parking lots and restrooms, she added.

“For those of you who have not walked this property, you the taxpayer, you the Roswell resident, you own it,” Councilman Mike Palermo said. “I strongly recommend that you walk through it and enjoy these trails, these old-growth trees [and] beautiful creek.”

Councilwoman Marie Willsey added that the purchase was a team effort and included help from several citizens.

One resident, Ted Tucker, who helped spearhead acquisition efforts, spoke at the meeting about this addition to Roswell’s park system.

“We are very lucky to live in Roswell,” Tucker said. "Everyone will say they love our school systems, our Historic District and our nationally-recognized parks department…

“Seven Branches Legacy Park is the result of over four years of effort, countless hours of volunteer work by many people with one goal in mind: to forever protect this magnificent 53-acre parcel and its many sources of water that all flow into Martin Lake, then into the Chattahoochee River, to provide drinking water not only for those of us who live here, but to the many millions of people who depend on it as it flows from Roswell to the mouth of Apalachicola Bay in Florida."

A ribbon cutting to celebrate the purchase of the final property will be held Thursday, Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. Parking will be held at East Roswell Park. A shuttle will take attendees to the ribbon cutting site.

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