ROSWELL, Ga. — Mayor Lori Henry is making easier for Roswell residents and business owners to keep abreast of their city’s happenings by bringing the State of the City address directly to them.

Henry is offering to come to interested groups to give her address in person and answer any questions.

“It’s a great way to engage with the citizens and business owners,” Henry said. “It’s really just a way to get information out to folks… I want to hear from the citizens and business owners and get their thoughts on the State of the City and their reactions to my address.”

The presentation draws from the same one Henry gave earlier this January at the annual State of the City in conjunction with Roswell Inc. This year’s address packed the room past capacity but did not allow much time for questions afterward.

The more intimate setting with neighborhood groups or church groups, for example, allows for a more personalized presentation, Henry said. Depending on the group, she may delve deeper into certain topics as they come up and speak after the presentation.

“I’ve got the time, and as long as they’re engaged and have questions, I’m there to answer them,” Henry said. “And if I can’t answer them, I’ll get them the answers.”

Broadly speaking, Henry covers major updates from last year as well as upcoming projects and initiatives during the State of the City. Some major highlights from this year’s presentation includes information on several new transportation projects, the Doc’s Cafe preservation project and plans for the Southern Skillet property.

Henry began taking the State of the City on the road last year after she was approached by some groups wanting to know more about Roswell’s latest updates. 

It’s all about public outreach, Henry said. 

Some past groups Henry has presented the State of the City for include homeowner’s associations, the Kiwanis Club, church groups, PTA groups, businesses and neighborhood groups. There’s really no limit on who she will present to, Henry said, as long as it’s more than one or two people in the group. 

Henry said she will present her address for however long people request one. Last year, she continued to offer the service for about six months, after which the requests naturally died out as the address became old news.

To invite the Mayor to present the State of the City, contact Executive Assistant Tyara Wooten at or 770-594-6288.

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