ROSWELL, Ga. — The City of Roswell is encouraging everyone to provide input for its first ever citywide strategic plan. To help streamline the process, the city will hold four public engagement workshops in June. 

Unlike the city’s previous master plans, which have addressed specific projects or initiatives, this plan will be much broader in scope. It will help create a vision for Roswell’s future and play a role in all future decisions, said Community Relations Manager Julie Brechbill.

“Although it is broad in nature, the strategic plan will be designed to assist in making specific policies and decisions in the future,” Brechbill said. “The plan relies on heavy public participation in facilitated group exercises and conversations focused on the future. It is an opportunity for the entire city to pause, take stock, and define what we want Roswell to be and how we intend to get there.”

The strategic plan is designed to memorialize the vision, values and objectives of the city for years to come, she said.

During the public engagement phase in June, the city’s consultants, Planning NEXT, will give a presentation of the process during its Listening and Learning sessions. The majority of the time at each workshop will be dedicated to small group discussions and activities. Childcare will be available at most of the workshops.

“People who live in Roswell and care about its future should participate,” Brechbill said. “Everyone will gain from a well-executed strategic plan. This is why it is important for residents to become a part of the process… Ultimately, the strategic plan is intended to deliver greater prosperity and quality of life to our residents and businesses. By getting involved, people will help shape the vision and the strategies to achieve it.”

The idea for Together Roswell was started by City Administrator Gary Palmer, who advocated for a citywide strategic plan.

“Planning processes like Together Roswell represent good stewardship,” Palmer said. “But for the city to know the community’s priorities, we must ask them. This plan will be driven by public engagement and supported by the conclusions drawn from these discussions. It’s critical that everyone get involved and help shape the future of Roswell.”

If someone cannot make one of the workshops, there will eventually be an online survey to help gather input, Brechbill said. The planning process for the strategic plan will be split into two phases: the Engagement Phase and the Planning Phase. The Engagement Phase is expected to wrap up this fall. The Planning Phase will help finalize plans and will include an open house. 

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