ROSWELL, Ga. — Roswell’s designated arts agency is looking for a new executive director. 

The Roswell Arts Fund announced June 5 that it is looking nationally for a professional to provide leadership to the board, staff partners and other stakeholders. The organization has not had an executive director for almost two years. 

“As the face of the organization, the executive director will maintain and grow relationships in the region including elected officials, city staff, civic and business leaders, sponsors, donors, members, volunteers, educators, artists and arts organizations,” said Becky Kile, marketing and outreach consultant. “This individual will cultivate a deep knowledge of the city and regional arts organizations.”

The Roswell Arts Fund was established in 2014 as a direct outcome of the Imagine Roswell Arts & Culture 2030 study. As a nonprofit, it works independently with the city as well as local business and civic leaders and organizations.

“In three short years, Roswell Arts Fund has transformed the conversation on the arts in Roswell,” Kile said. “They have ignited new ways of thinking about the arts; inspired new ways of doing art; and impacted the City of Roswell economically and socially.”

The executive director, Kile added, will help take the organization to the next level. They will securely implement and adopt the Public Art Master Plan completed in 2016, Kile said.

Some of the Roswell Arts Fund’s past accomplishments include the annual production of ArtAround Roswell Sculpture Tour, which brings public art and sculptures each year to the city, as well as a Public Art Master Plan and Performance Space Feasibility study. 

The organization was also instrumental in bringing the first street piano, “Zoey,” to East Roswell and has created a series of Artist Around the Table work sessions with city staff and leaders to explore ways to integrate art into architecture and design.

Kile said the Roswell Arts Fund is also working with Keep Roswell Beautiful to bring a public art streetscape story.

“Roswell Arts Fund strategically invests in integrating art into the fabric that defines Roswell,” Kile said. “The benefit for Roswell is to become a city that is a magnet for entrepreneurs and investors; a place where people want to live, work and play; where home and business equity increases and the local economy flourishes.”

The Roswell Arts Fund, unlike other similar organizations, is a strategic arts organization, Kile said.

“Our work is focused on fueling economic and social vitality through the arts,” she said. “To that end, Roswell Arts Fund is now known as a regional leader in the arts, providing counsel to several regional cities and projects.”

The national search will be live for eight weeks. In August, the Executive Director Selection Committee, which includes members of the board of directors, will identify 10 candidates. The finalists will be interviewed by stakeholders and city partners.

The process is expected to finish by Oct. 1, Kile said. 

For more information about the Roswell Arts Fund, visit

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