ROSWELL, Ga. — A new face is taking the reins of the Roswell Arts Fund, the independent nonprofit that serves as the city’s designated arts agency.

The Roswell Arts Fund Board of Directors recently announced that Ghila Sanders was named its new executive director. 

Sanders brings more than 10 years of nonprofit leadership experience. She is a graduate of La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and completed her master’s degree in business administration at Georgia State University.

Sanders said she was drawn to the organization by its inclusive language. 

Ghila Sanders

The Roswell Arts Fund Board of Directors recently announced that Ghila Sanders was named its new executive director. 

“It showed a deep understanding of the value of public art and of community engagement,” Sanders said. “Most of all, it felt like an outstanding opportunity to co-create with this community, invigorate its sense of place, bring attention to local businesses and become an active part of a transformative moment in time. And now that I have joined Roswell Arts Fund, I can safely say that I am absolutely blown away by this place: this city is beautiful, incredibly welcoming, generous and fun all at once. It truly embodies its tagline: Modern Spirit, Southern Soul.”

The Roswell Arts Fund was founded four years ago by Rochelle Mucha. Its accomplishments include creation of the now annual Sculpture Tour and purchase of several permanent public art pieces

“Roswell Arts Fund is entering a new chapter in our history,” Mucha said. “Ghila brings the experience, talent, passion, and energy to extend and strengthen our local and regional reach and impact.”

Sanders was chosen after a three-month national search. As the new executive director, she will lead development efforts and identify key foundations and grants that align with the organization’s goals. 

Sanders said she already has several plans for the Roswell Arts Fund. 

“There is no shortage of new plans,” she said. “The key is to try to keep a good and steady pace.”

Some of the immediate plans is to implement the Public Art Master Plan, which includes more functional art installations such as bike racks, benches and creative crosswalks. The Roswell Arts Fund will also collaborate more with city departments to enhance the safety of the city’s entry points along with art that will reflect Roswell’s character, Sanders said.

Future plans include bringing the arts to the forefront of urban planning and bringing creative placemaking to private and public spaces.

“The community [also] indicated a need for a state-of-the-art performance space,” Sanders said. “Roswell Arts Fund completed a three-phase study in 2019, and now it’s time to bring that conversation forward with some large-scale community engagement.”

Sanders urged anyone interested in the arts to check out the Roswell Arts Fund.

“Public art is an incredible tool for collective expression, and it also serves a very simple but essential purpose for any one of us: it sparks joy,” Sanders said. “We are here to serve you and co-create with the community in ways that are meaningful and reflect Roswell’s authentic spirit. So, come join us!... We are investing in Roswell and hope to give you plenty of reasons to invest back in us.”

For more information, or to volunteer, donate or become a member, visit

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