ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Police arrested a man Jan. 17 for allegedly shooting three times at a car during an altercation at a home.

The incident began earlier in the evening when a woman said she had lost her phone while using the restroom at a local restaurant. The owner of the phone returned to the restroom and inquired whether the next occupant had seen a phone in the stall. The second woman denied having seen a phone, but the owner became insistent, police said.

Both women carried the confrontation outside into the parking lot. When the second woman drove off, the phone owner, standing with friends got a photo of the car’s license plate and then called police.

While talking to police, the driver learned the woman’s address. She drove to the residence with two friends after police left the parking lot.

Upon arrival at the residence, the phone owner knocked on the door and yelled out. Soon after, a man pulled up to the house. Passengers in his car began yelling at the woman on the doorstep. One of the passengers allegedly displayed a gun.

The woman returned to her car, drove a short distance to another driveway, then called police.

The man pulled up to her vehicle as she was trying to get out of the neighborhood. As she pulled away she said someone in the man’s vehicle fired three shots in her direction. One of the bullets, she said, hit her car.

Police later located the suspect, who said his niece had been alone in the house when the driver arrived and knocked. The niece, afraid, had called him, and he had arrived to warn the woman off the property, he said.

Police arrested the man, identified as 38-year-old Joseph Anthony Leftenant of Duluth, on three counts of aggravated assault–firearm and discharging a firearm near a public roadway.

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