ALPHARETTTA, Ga. — An Alpharetta man called police Aug. 27 after he realized he had been scammed out of $12,000.

The man said he had received an email the previous day stating that his subscription to a tech support service would auto-renew the following day.

The man called the number provided in the email to cancel the subscription. He talked to a representative who said the man was eligible for a $200 refund, because he had never used the subscription. 

The man gave the representative remote access to his computer, and the representative tricked the man into thinking he had accidentally refunded $20,000 instead of $200.

The representative said he would get fired for the mistake and then asked the man to return the funds by buying gift cards and reading him the numbers.

The man went to four different stores to buy $12,000 worth of gift cards. The next day, the man noticed that he had been defrauded of the money on the gift cards and called police. 

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