ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Kate O’Rourke, a sophomore at Pinecrest Academy, has sung the National Anthem at two Atlanta Braves games in the last two years. 

The Atlanta Braves baseball team allows video submissions online as an audition for anyone sing the National Anthem at one of their games. Those who are chosen pick a date they are available and sing the National Anthem at the beginning of the game. 

O’Rourke was selected twice to sing the National Anthem, first singing at a Braves game in the summer of 2017 and then again July 18. 

O’Rourke, who lives in Alpharetta, has also sung at Gwinnett Stripers games twice in 2018 and has performed in theatrical productions at Pinecrest and with the Forsyth Academy of Preforming Arts since she was in fourth and fifth grade.

“I feel honored to have been able to sing at the Braves twice,” O’Rourke said. “Both times were such an amazing experience and I would love to sing there again.”

Erin McGraw, O’Rourke’s preforming arts teacher since 7th grade, worked with O’Rourke in private voice lessons from her 5th to 8th grade years. McGraw, whose background is in vocal studies, is the primary teacher for middle and high school music and drama at Pinecrest.

“She’s just grown tremendously,” Mc Graw said. “It’s really cool to hear how much her voice has matured and the confidence she’s gained in her abilities and just that comfort that comes with singing for multiple years. … The cool thing with voice is that you will grow for years and years to come. … and yeah, I’m just excited for where she goes next.”

O’Rourke, a member of the International Thespian Society, is also on the varsity tennis team at Pinecrest. Her first EP and music video is scheduled for release soon. Her album, “I’m Good With Me,” will contain four original songs that are within the pop genre. 

O’Rourke said of the many influences she’s encountered along the way, singer Demi Lovato helped her realize how far she could go with her singing. This is what motivated her to sing anywhere she was offered.

“The next step in my music career is my release concert.” O’Rourke said. “After I have that, I will just have to see where my album takes me. I would love to be a professional singer, that’s all I have wanted since I was 3. I know that making it in the entertainment business is really hard and takes a lot of patience and hard work, but I believe that my album is the perfect step towards reaching my all-time goal.”

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