Over the three council meetings in December the Alpharetta City Council is detailing our city’s most pressing infrastructure needs. The first week will be about parks, the second week about roads and bridges, and the 3rd week is about public safety and financing options. 

Many of the City Council members wanted to publicize the infrastructure needs for our bridges, roads and parks because Alpharetta is a beautiful home; but much of our home is a proverbial “30 year old house.” Balance sheet-wise your city is in tremendous shape. But proverbially speaking we have a “honey-do list.”

Alpharetta has always valued itself as a city that went the extra mile for its residents. Decades ago the city asked the state for several exits on Ga. 400. We value the job growth and the business climate that has been created. Commuters come here every single day from Cherokee, Gwinnett and Forsyth. Not to mention that we are the preeminent employment destination for residents of Johns Creek, Roswell and Milton. 

Some of our hotels have an occupancy rate of 90+ percent. Imagine having such a robust business economy that people stay in our hotels that are an hour from the airport.

Residents fortunate enough to live here value being able in nearly any industry and find a well-paying job less than 10 minutes from their home. But all of those great things have infrastructure demands. 

In the coming weeks we are asking you as a resident to write in and be a part of the process in order to define a wish list. We need to hear from you. Alpharetta belongs to its residents and homeowners. Will you write us and answer a few questions?

  • Are there updates to parks you want to see?
  • Are there parks that you would like to build out or revitalize?
  • Are there roads that need turn lanes?
  • If more of the Alpha Loop got built could you/would you walk or bike to work?
  • What Alpharetta roads do you believe see the most congestion?
  • Would you support another passive park downtown?
  • Where in the Alpharetta city limits is your commute the worst?
  • Is there anything that you’d like to see that isn’t mentioned?

The city belongs to you. We need your help in representing your vision. Please write us at citycouncilandmayor@alpharetta.ga.us

Ben Burnett

Alpharetta City Council

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