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Letters to the Editor: Alpharetta leaders must set a better mask wearing example

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These are letters received by Alpharetta-Roswell Herald in response to an article published July 16, 2020. 



Leaders must set a good example

The most powerful leadership tool one has is their own personal example. In the July 16 publication of the Alpharetta Roswell Herald, the cover picture depicts Mayor Gilvin and other city representatives at the ribbon cutting of the new pavilion at Wills Park on July 8.

What is extremely troubling about the cover and inside pictures from the ribbon cutting is that no one is wearing face coverings. As cases rise every single day in our very own city, our leaders are not practicing what they preach.

An Alpharetta City spokesperson told Atlanta WABE “We do encourage everyone to follow the current recommendations of public health officials, which include wearing cloth face coverings when in public.”

If our city leaders are encouraging the public to wear face masks, then how come they are not doing so at important public events? What is even more troubling about this instance is that “the mayor was joined by officials from Village Park Senior Living, which donated funding for the project.” Seniors are in the at-risk category for this pandemic, and the people who are supposed to have seniors’ best interests in mind are not taking a step to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

As a 17-year-old, how is this indiscretion obvious to me and not city leadership? Since the federal government is unwilling to take a stand to end this pandemic, it is up to local governments. We need real leadership in this crisis, not leaders who will put others at risk just to get a nice photo-op.

Allie Maloney, Alpharetta

Setting a bad example

Just opened the July 16 edition of The Herald. Your front page featured the mayor of Alpharetta at a ribbon cutting for the new Pavilion at Will’s Park on July 8th.

The mayor and the four other people in the photo are not wearing masks. On page 12 you featured a July 1 event at the Roswell Rotary Club welcoming a new president. Again, no masks.

Science has demonstrated that masks can reduce transmission of COVID by up to 80%.

Appen needs to rethink its policy about featuring those who endanger public health by denying science and openly defying CDC guidelines. We will never overcome this virus unless we all pitch in. Please do your part to discourage this irresponsible behavior. Stop featuring their carelessness in your publication.

Tamzen Pickard, Roswell

Where’s the masks?

That’s my question from your front page photo in the July 16 Herald and confirmed by your second photo and short story on Page 11! 

Very little, if any, social distance seemed to be in play in either photo. It would seem Mayor Gilvin would want to set a better example as well as the officials of a Senior Living facility, an industry among one of the higher risks during the pandemic.

There might even be another story buried here - did Village Park Senior Living win its approval for 91 unit expansion by agreeing to donate the pavilion at Wills Park? Just asking.

Kim Huffman, Roswell

Do masks really help?

Do masks really help?

What do you think? According to the medical school at Emory University, they do. Special thanks to local dentist, Dr. Tom Cunningham, for submitting this. 

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