Dear Editor,

As a previous Cambridge High School band alumni, I am pleasantly surprised by your recent article pertaining to high school football halftime shows. Never have I read something that spoke so closely to my heart. 

My experience in the band has instilled in me a passion for the unrecognized efforts of an institution. This being said, I completely agree with your claim about students and football players needing to support their school bands during halftime. Too many times I had walked out on the field and realized that all of my hard work and time had gone to something that no one truly acknowledged. 

All week long the band members work together to create a show that is designed to introduce a powerful feeling to the audience. This can be a difficult task when the audience is less than willing to give the band the time of day. The purpose of a halftime show is not just to excite and bring out school pride within the audience, but it is also to keep the crowd amped up in order for the football players to perform at their best. 

Would it not make sense to have the football players and cheerleaders do the same for the band? I believe that incorporating the football players as well as the cheerleaders will help bring in the excitement that the band truly deserves. 

Thank you for your effort in the ongoing battle for well-deserved recognition. 

– Lucie Keck, Alpharetta 

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