Major renovations at Roswell and Centennial high schools are underway this summer with the long list of features and enhancements slated to be complete by the start of school in August 2021.

The nearly $9 million project will provide a much-needed facelift to both area high schools, as well as updates and additions to bring the schools up to the education specifications of newer high schools. 

Black box theaters will be constructed at each school, along with new academic spaces to house each schools’ Career, Technical and Agricultural Education support areas. 

At Roswell, the CTAE pathways include construction, cosmetology, video broadcasting – all of which will have new academic space. An addition is also being added to support the Junior ROTC program. 

CTAE pathways at Centennial in line for new academic spaces include programs focused on public safety and video broadcasting.

The projects are part of Fulton Schools’ Capital Plan 2022 which lays out the 5-year construction plans from 2017 through 2022 across the district. The nearly $977 million plan is being funded through the proceeds from the one-cent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax renewed by voters in 2016.

Nearly every school and facility in Fulton Schools will be impacted through Capital Plan 2022, which also includes funding for technology and security enhancements.

Patrick Burke, chief operations officer for Fulton Schools, said Capital Plan 2022 contained a lot of high school renovations, focused primarily at the older high schools in the district.

“The renovations are of the typical type we usually see for systems that are at the end of their useful life [such as] heating and cooling systems, bathrooms, flooring, etc.,” he noted, during a meeting of the Fulton County Board of Education in June.

School planners also took a hard look at renovations that would go far in correcting potential deficiencies in academic areas at the schools, including adding space to support the CTAE pathways.

“The Capital Plan identified issues, but we can’t solve them until we begin to design a solution,” said Burke. “We are now coming back with solutions.”

The academic renovations in Capital Plan 2022 first looked at high schools built prior to 2008, which includes Roswell and Centennial. 

“These are the first [projects] out of the chute, but we will be coming back in the fall with [plans for] Chattahoochee and the rest after that,” said Burke.

Doug Cary, director of Capital Planning for Fulton Schools, noted Roswell and Centennial are similar building prototypes, but have variations in floorplans and layouts. Additionally, the CTAE programs at each school are different with unique requirements for spaces.

“How to renovate or [implement] new construction comes into play of course within the context of budget,” said Cary. “So it’s a balancing act. The existing conditions are unique which drives you to unique solutions.”

Katha Stuart, a member of the Fulton School Board representing Roswell, noted she was happy to see a black box theater included in the plans for both schools, but she expressed concern an outdoor green space/classroom was not included at Centennial.

“I didn’t see an outdoor area, but I know the [school] is landlocked so not a lot of room to expand,” she acknowledged. 

Board member Katie Reeves of North Fulton encouraged Fulton Schools staff to make sure there is equity among all schools as new items are added, such as black box theaters and green space.

“As we are doing new construction and coming up with new education specifications, [the public] wants to know where their school is on the list [for that improvement],” said Reeves. 

William Pastor, coordinator of Architecture and Engineering for Fulton Schools, explained when educational specifications change, that new information becomes part of the Facility Condition Assessment which is the baseline for future SPLOST programs. 

“The new SPLOST program is created from information gathered in the Facility Condition Assessment including new design or ed spec items,” he noted.


Project scope 

Centennial High School 

Construction Budget: $9.3 million*


Modifications/additions for CTAE programs (public safety, video broadcasting, engineering), fine arts programs and physical education programs

New black box theatre 

Renovate auditorium 

Replace stadium turf 

Tennis court improvements 

Replace complete HVAC system 

Repair/replace gutters and downspouts, exterior doors, windows, skylights, interior lighting, exterior lighting, ceiling and floor finishes, window blinds

Provide additional asphalt

parking and circulation 

Repair/replace asphalt paving, concrete sidewalks 

Roswell High School 

Construction Budget: $8.6 million*


Modifications/additions for CTAE programs (construction, cosmetology, engineering, video broadcasting), JROTC program, fine arts programs, physical education programs 

Upgrade security system 

New black box theatre 

Renovate auditorium 

Replace roof

Improve restroom facilities 

Paint building exterior 

Repair/replace gutters and downspouts, exterior doors, interior doors and hardware, windows, ceiling and floor finished, plumbing fixtures

Replace stadium turf and competition running track surface 

Repair/replace telescoping bleachers 

Tennis court improvements 


* Figures represent only construction budgets and do not include soft costs such as architectural/design services and land costs.

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