ROSWELL, Ga. — Dozens of residents met at City Hall Aug. 1 to provide ideas on the future of the Hill Street area.

Representatives from TSW Design, a planning and architecture design firm, met individually with attendees at the Hill Street Small Area Master Plan Charrette. TSW Design has previously worked with the city on its Historic District Master Plan. The results of that plan are expected to go before the City Council this month for possible adoption, said Planning and Zoning Director Jackie Deibel.

The Hill Street plan covers a much smaller area, about two blocks from Atlanta Street to Forrest Street and Hill Street to Oak Street. The city owns much of the property in the area. There is also a significant amount of industrial property and some retail. 

“We’re coming up with drawings for future development for this area,” Deibel said. “[TSW Design] is trying to get as detailed as they can this afternoon with the owners and the community to draw up some ideas for the area.”

The master plan would help guide the city and developers with what uses are allowed in the district. Some city regulations and standards may change to support that goal. 

“You can get more detailed with these two blocks and really figure out what you’d like to see, get detailed planning and drawings,” Deibel said. “[With a] larger plan, you can get recommendations and ideas for what you put in, but you don’t have the on-the-spot drawings.”

As part of the process, city staff and TSW Design representatives consulted with property owners. At the charrette, TSW Design collected public input and drew up some possible layouts and designs for the two-block area.

Once the master plan begins to take shape, the city may host an open house to gather more feedback, Deibel said. 

For more information about the Hill Street Small Area Master Plan, including a map, and possible future meetings, visit

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