ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Residents at Alpharetta’s City Center say they’re fed up with the constant rumble and clacking of skateboarders using the nearby four-level parking deck and areas around City Hall for their evening activities.

A group of tenants addressed the City Council about the matter in March, but they say they plan a repeat visit, likely at the May 18 online meeting.

“The sounds you expect in a city — sirens, trucks, music, people talking — you expect those sounds,” Amorance Apartment resident Ashley Whitt said. “You do not expect the constant crashing and banging and clickety-clacking of skateboarders.”

Whitt moved from Windward to the apartments last August with her husband to enjoy the new City Center experience, she said. The food trucks, entertainment, shops and restaurants all added to the draw, she said.

Whitt was one of about a half dozen who spoke at the City Council’s online meeting in March, and she plans to remind the City Council of the situation again. She suggests the council hold a public hearing on an ordinance, inviting residents and the parents of the skateboarders to sort out the issue.

“We live here,” Whitt said.

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