Woman loses wallet while shopping



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — A woman reported Dec. 12 that her wallet was stolen during a shopping trip and her credit cards used shortly after.

The woman first noticed that her wallet was missing around 5 p.m. when she attempted to pay after shopping at the Kroger on Holcomb Bridge Road. Once she left the Kroger, the woman checked her credit cards and noticed that someone had attempted to charge $500 on almost all of them. Each credit card company was alerted about the fraud.

After contacting police, she said she was suspicious of an interaction she had with another woman, who had approached her while shopping asking for help to read a food label.

Security footage showed the female suspect, along with a man, following the woman through the store. At one point, when the woman left her cart and purse, the female suspect immediately went through the woman’s purse to take out her wallet and hand it to the man.

After doing so, the suspect began talking to the woman “to prevent suspicion.”

The identity of the suspects is currently unknown.

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