Tow truck driver gets stuck under car



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A tow truck driver became trapped under a car Nov. 11 in the Lakeland Plaza parking lot.

The car’s owner called the tow truck company to help her after she was having issues with her Jaguar and couldn’t put it in drive.

The 29-year-old tow truck driver came to put the car on his truck and got onto the ground to look under the car, but wasn’t trapped at the time.

The driver said she left to talk to a friend of hers who was nearby. When she came back, she saw a man in a doctor’s coat trying to get the tow truck driver out from under the car.

After several people attempted to get the car off the man, they started to render aide to the driver until EMTs arrived.

The man in the doctor’s coat said he saw the man pinned down under the car and called 911. He then tried to lift the car off the man’s chest. He didn’t know how the man got stuck under the car and no one else seemed to know because no one was around when it occurred. The truck driver was conscious and breathing when he was transported to North Fulton Hospital.

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