Shoplifting suspect arrested for impersonating officer



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A 56-year-old woman was arrested Nov. 9 for impersonating an officer after reportedly being caught shoplifting.

The woman was at Belk at Lakeland Plaza when employees saw her concealing items in a grocery cart and on her person after going into a dressing room and then trying to leave the store.

An employee turned over to deputies the woman’s identification that she showed him after saying she was a United States federal probation officer. The deputy said the ID was “clearly fake” because it had misprinted coloring, lamination over a paper card and the headshot was edited.

When asked, the suspect told deputies she was a law enforcement officer. The deputy determined she had prior law enforcement experience, but was no longer in the field, nor was she retired from the former agency.

She reportedly stole a total of $566 worth of clothing and was attempting to return clothes with receipts from other stores.

She was arrested for theft by shoplifting and impersonation of a police officer, both felonies.

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