Security camera stolen after thief sees it



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A thief apparently stole the camera meant to deter him from a property off Bancroft Pass Nov. 7.

The camera’s owner said his phone alerted him there was a motion sensor going off in his home. When he looked at the video, he saw a man trying to manipulate a barbed wire fence with a hammer. Once the subject looked up and saw the camera, he took the tool and hit camera. He then put the device into his pocket.

This incident occurred shortly after another person reported seeing a suspicious person in a neighborhood near Cahaba Court.

When deputies caught up with the suspect, the subject said his car had broken down and he was walking.

The deputy then met up with others who said they were looking for someone matching the same description near Daves Creek Elementary School.

The video provided a clear picture of the suspect.

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