Second guessing yourself doesn’t work



Do you second-guess yourself about the decisions you make to run your small business? Does this lead to procrastinating or cancelling plans you have made? Let’s face it; you’ll never have all the information you need to make a perfect decision. Second-guessing yourself about your decisions can only make things worse. The simple solution….don’t second-guess yourself.

Making quick and informed decisions in your small business is imperative for you to be successful. However, making a decision on certain things sometimes forces you to grow in areas that are out of your comfort zone. As a small business owner, you simply can’t be an expert in everything. Trust yourself and trust your employees when it comes to making decisions.

When you make decisions and something goes wrong, learn from your mistakes. Fix the problem and move on. Getting comfortable with the fact that not all decisions will be perfect will allow you to trust yourself and not beat yourself up when something goes wrong.

Few decisions that you make are irreversible. There are really no wrong decisions because each one will give you the opportunity to learn and correct the situation. Stopping your fear of failure will help you to stop second-guessing yourself.

Once a decision is made, you need to be committed to the choice you selected and stay the course to make things happen. Some decisions will be brilliant and some will be awful, but don’t second-guess yourself when making decisions in your small business.

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